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Salem Balhamer Plastic Factory Company Ltd. (BPF) is one of the industrial tributaries of Salem Balhamer Holding Group ,which has had the lead in the field of manufacturing plastic pipes, fittings and accessories since it was established in 1994 until now ,in accordance with requirements of the internal and external markets until it become (BPF) A prominent brand in this field and this important end vital industry, as the company was keen to cover all the internal markets through the company’s warehouses spread in all regions of the Kingdom in addition to a lineup of sales representatives and cars dedicated to serving our customers throughout the Kingdom .
All these factors helped the company to launch international ,in which we are proud of the Saudi industry , which quickly sprayed internationally in all Arab Gulf states, the Arab and African region , as well as in some Asian countries ,and we see to sprayed to Europe .

Our Projects

Salem Balhamer Plastic Factory Co. Ltd ( food poly propylene containers )
The factory was established on 2016 and it is the recent production line at the Salem Balhamer Holding Group and it is considered a new beginning of healthy microwaveable food containers fabricated from poly propylene (PP), and we with Allah blessing and within a short time Salem Balhamer Plastic Factory Co. Ltd becomes one of the important factories of poly propylene food containers in the Kingdom.

Salem Balhamer Plastic Factory (poly propylene Plastic Ppallets)
The factory has been established with food containers factory in line with Kingdom of Saudi Arabia vision to rollout the usage of plastic pallets as safe replacement for wooden pallets and to cancel the work pallets especially in food and chemical industry , and the factory has different size of templates for plastic pallets in line with market requirements inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Our company focuses to meet the needs of the customers through developing our technical capacities, fabrication and production methods to verify this objective.
Provide high quality products to our customers which reflect their actual needs with competitive prices. We are going to attract the best technology and to develop our human resources to reach higher professionalism and also the ideal exploitation of our resources along with developing general safety and environment culture.


Continuing our pioneering role as one of the most important factories in the Arab region and the Middle East in the field of plastics.

Salem Balhamer Plastic Factory Co. Ltd. (SBPF) is intensive on services, quality, and grasping the customer’s requirements through the basis of our marketing strategy and approach

Salem Balhamer Plastic Factory Co. Ltd. (SBPF) has a Hard Chrome Plant Facility in-house for maintenance of its molds and Dies and also the Company undertakes repairing, overhauling and manufacturing of molds and other metal fabrication works as per client requirements.


Salem Balhamer Plastic Factory Co. Ltd.

Injection Molding Factory having 72 Injection machines with clamping force ranging from 60 to 910 tons produces quality fittings for various water and building related products demanded constructions industries.

Annual Manufacturing Capacity:

uPVC PIPES 28000 Tons
CPVC PIPES 2500 Tons

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Mr. Mahmoud El Maazoon


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